How Zimbabweans Reacted To The Appointment Of Justice Priscilla Chigumba As New ZEC Chairperson

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How Zimbabweans Reacted To The Appointment Of Justice Priscilla Chigumba As New ZEC Chairperson

High Court judge Justice Priscilla Chigumba was sworn in today as the new chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) taking over from Justice Rita Makarau who resigned in December.

Here is how some Zimbabweans reacted to the appointment:

MDCT congratulates Justice Priscilla Chigumba on her appointment as chairperson of @ZECzim. We look forward to genuine and meaningful interaction with her commission. @Wamagaisa

— Sen Douglas Mwonzora (@DMwonzora) February 1, 2018

Whilst President Mnangagwa has made good appointments to the Procurement Board & ZIMRA when it came to the vital appointment of a ZEC Chair he has failed. He should never have appointed a Judge who was questioned by both the former CJ & current CJ re corruption allegations.

— David Coltart (@DavidColtart) February 1, 2018

The fact that the new ZEC Chairlady Justice Priscilla Chigumba has a strong record of making Court rulings agnst ZANU PF&in favour of the Opposition yet President EDM chose her shows the President's respect for merit. With regard to her It shows her independence! #EDhasMYVOTE

— Jones Musara (@JonesMusara) February 1, 2018

The appointment was probably the worst kept secret of the “New Era”. Now the questions begin: who is Priscilla Chigumba? Does she have the mettle to withstand the pressure that comes with this highly politicised job?

— Alex T Magaisa 🇿🇼 (@Wamagaisa) January 31, 2018

I was very excited for Justice Chigumba’s appointment to ZEC. Many of us first heard of her during the Evan Mawarire trial. Now, I am cautiously optimistic. Her former colleagues say she is quite corrupt. confused but Yay for women 🤔we can celebrate a little I think

— Chipo Dendere (@drDendere) January 31, 2018

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed High Court judge Priscilla Chigumba as the new chair of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Interesting choice. Some will say controversial choice. With elections now 4 to 5 months away, the authorities are placing their ducks in a row.

— Brezh Malaba (@BrezhMalaba) January 31, 2018

And i think priscilla is pretty,as compared to….. I shant mention her name. 😍😍

— spartan (@spartan7098471) January 31, 2018

The same Priscilla Chigumba who allowed demonstrators to protest in Harare against the wishes of RGM? Interesting times ahead indeed

— Marcus (@rusticrealist) January 31, 2018

Beautiful Judge Priscilla Chigumba🤣. Do you know that she suspended the police ban on demonstration in 2016. Anyway lets see, handei tione

— Godfrey Machemedze the Zambezian (@GMachemedze) January 31, 2018

As a Judge, the new Chairperson of ZEC Justice Priscilla Chigumba bravely refused to be bullied by anyone include then President Mugabe and then Chief Justice Chidyausiku. She has proven bravery, independence and intelligence that is why President EDM chose her.#EDhasMYVOTE !

— Jones Musara (@JonesMusara) February 1, 2018



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