Mnangagwa Government Urges White Farmers To Apply For Land

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Mnangagwa Government Urges White Farmers To Apply For Land

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has urged white farmers to apply for land. The government assured the white farmers that they will be granted 99-year leases like anyone else and stressed that there will be no discrimination of any kind in allocating the land. Minister of State for Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs David Musabayana met with white farmers on Wednesday and told them:

As a province, we are going to start a process where every farmer is given the opportunity to apply for an offer letter or a 99-year lease for the land they are occupying.

Let’s say no to white and black. Every Zimbabwean who has the capacity should apply for land. The land is available to all Zimbabweans and the new order is not talking about colour and religion.

Some of you have been asked to pay protection fees so that you keep your land. This should be a thing of the past in the new dispensation. You are answerable to no one except the Government. You don’t need to pay anyone to protect your land, it’s a privilege offered to every Zimbabwean.

The Head of State is saying we are all Zimbabweans and let’s work together and help each other by communicating, coming up with clubs or knowledge sharing groups.

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