Dabengwa Dismisses Mugabe's Claims That Zapu, Ndebeles Were Responsible For Gukurahundi

5 years agoThu, 29 Mar 2018 11:35:33 GMT
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Dabengwa Dismisses Mugabe's Claims That Zapu, Ndebeles Were Responsible For Gukurahundi

Zapu leader and former cabinet minister Dumiso Dabengwa has responded to former president Robert Mugabe’s claims that his hands were clean regarding the Gukurahundi Massacres in the early 1980s. In an interview with the Zimbabwean Independent Mugabe blamed Ndebeles, Zapu, Joshua Nkomo and Dabengwa for the atrocities which killed an estimated 20 000 people. In an interview with the same publication, Dabengwa said,

His (Mugabe) hands can never be clean. His lieutenants, (the now President) Mnangagwa and (Retired Air Marshall Perence) Shiri have all said they were acting under instructions from above them. The only person who was above them is Mugabe. He should have listened to the demands that the people have been making throughout since the end of those massacres.

…The people simply wanted him to come out in the open and acknowledge what had happened. It is at that time that he should have come out in the open and made those allegations he is making today, while Nkomo was still alive and state clearly that it was Nkomo who caused him to do what he did (unleashing the Fifth Brigade). He did not need to wait until Nkomo had died, and after that to say it was a “moment of madness”.

Even after the Unity Accord (between Zanu and Zapu) had been signed in 1987, he should have come out and apologised. It is a fact commissions were set up to look at this situation. The Chihambakwe commission came out with a very huge report and the Dumbutshena Commission also came out with its report. These two reports have not been made public up to this day. Why?

What is there to hide and why hide it? These are questions he (Mugabe) should be asked as to why did he not publish those two reports.

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Dabengwa also said that he could not comprehend how President Emmerson Mnangagwa was now absolving himself from the matter when he was the intelligence officer who identified people who needed to be killed.

I don’t know. But I am saying this is what he himself said when he was being implicated in those atrocities. He said, in his own words, he was taking instructions. He said the actual killing was done under the command of the Fifth Brigade which in this case was under Shiri. And he said his role was that of an intelligence officer, which means he was there to point out which people were to be killed first.

He made shocking statements during Gukurahundi. I remember one of the statements he made was in Victoria Falls where he said Zapu and the people of Matabeleland were like cockroaches and the best way to kill them was to apply DDT (a deadly insecticide poisonous to humans and animals). How he can now plead innocence to those statements which are there on record is something I cannot understand.

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