Joram Gumbo Admits He Lied About 'Mugabe Planes'

5 years ago
Thu, 10 May 2018 20:00:10 GMT
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Joram Gumbo Admits He Lied About 'Mugabe Planes'

Responding to questions on Thursday, Transport Minister Joram Gumbo admitted he initially lied about who had purchased the new Zimbabwe Airways planes.

Responding to a question from James Maridadi, Gumbo explained why he claimed the planes were bought by Zimbabweans in the diaspora when they had been purchased by Government. Gumbo said he had to come up with the story to prevent the planes from being impounded. Said Gumbo:

We then got advice that to make sure that the planes would not be impounded, we had to cancel off the agreement that we had entered into as Air Zimbabwe and come up with another name. That is when we revisited the paper work and used the Government registered company namely Zimbabwe Airways in order to circumvent this problem…That is when we also came up with the story that the diasporans were buying the aircraft. That is why I said we now have to explain exactly why we did that. It was only to save our situation otherwise we could have lost the money as the country and Government.



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