Vehicles Are A Critical Resource For MPs, Govt Must Stagger Their Purchases: Mliswa

4 years ago
Mon, 22 Oct 2018 12:39:46 GMT
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Vehicles Are A Critical Resource For MPs, Govt Must Stagger Their Purchases: Mliswa

Independent legislator for Norton, Temba Mliswa has said that vehicles are a critical resource which enables members of parliament (MPs) to do their duties. Mliswa said that Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube should stagger the disbursement of the vehicles so that the country’s resources are not strained. Ncube temporarily suspended the purchase of vehicles for MPs and Ministers in order to use the resources to fight cholera. The government is expected to spend $20 million for the purchase of new vehicles for the 350 legislators.

Writing on Twitter, Mliswa said

Regarding cars for Government Ministers and MPs, it’s important for Mthuli Ncube to understand that cars are a critical resource for enabling MPs to work in their constituencies. As Zanu-PF MPs were given cars during campaigning, stagger disbursements and give cars to opposition first.

I’m against Govt extravagance but I’m also against compromising MPs and making them desperate. Let’s rather start with cutting down in the Executive which is overstaffed anyway. The subsequent reduction in associated costs will see expenditure reduced significantly.

Mliswa has previously called on the government to get locally manufactured vehicles for the 350 legislators and ministers. Just after the government announced the decision to suspend the purchase of vehicles for ministers and parliamentarians, Mliswa said,

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Whilst it may seem a good move to suspend MPs and Ministers’ vehicles, in general Parliamentarians are underpaid and for as long as this remains the status quo, the checks and balances in terms of oversight will be compromised. Kenyan Parliamentarians are paid +/-$10k…I’m the last person to be extravagant, I’ve never taken a car and believe that Govt should use locally assembled cars and advocate that they be manufactured here to boost local industry. Besides meagre salaries and fuel and accommodation allowances MPs don’t get much else in the way of benefits.



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