Holiday Travellers Shocked By Bus Fares

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Holiday Travellers Shocked By Bus Fares

Holiday travellers have been shocked to find that bus fares have surged drastically. Long-distance bus operators have increased the fares in some cases by as much as 5 times. Some travellers were left stranded as they could not afford the fares.

TripNormal PriceSurge Price
Harare to Mhondoro (about 100km)$6$25
Harare to Gokwe$15$50
Harare to Masvingo$12$40
Harare - Gweru$12$50
Gweru - Gokwe-$75
Gweru - Silobela -$35

Operators blamed the fuel crisis saying that they have to buy fuel on the black market and sometimes are paying as much as $80 for 20 litres of fuel.

The practice of tripling, quadrupling and quintupling travelling fares in times of high demand is called surge pricing and is quite common globally.

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