Chamisa Condemns MDC MPs For Demanding Land Cruisers And SUVs From Govt

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Chamisa Condemns MDC MPs For Demanding Land Cruisers And SUVs From Govt

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has castigated his MPs for demanding luxurious vehicles from the government as a condition to approving the 2019 national budget.

The MPs reportedly arm-twisted Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube into giving in to their demands. Chamisa said that he did not condone such behaviour and promised to deal with the greedy MPs.

In an interview with Newsday, Chamisa had this to say

It’s not about my position to say I am against, it’s wrong priorities, and I don’t think it’s our MPs. I am sure it’s one or two MPs who said it, but obviously, those who said it said it out of tune with the party’s position. In fact, they have to account for why they are pursuing that. They were never sent by the people to represent themselves, but to represent their constituencies.

Meanwhile, Chamisa has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to prioritise important issues and desist from a command approach.

These things don’t work. Command politics does not work we need to respect our doctors and our nurses. Listen to them, cut on certain other things. Why should we have chartered aeroplanes and expensive trips when we have sectors that want our priority? Why should cars, be imported? Zanu PF imported cars even at the district level. If they are serious about raising resources, one car can pay more than 100 doctors because these are expensive cars. We just need to re-order our priorities and prioritise our doctors.


MPs ‘Force’ Mthuli Ncube To Buy Them Land Cruisers After Rejecting Mazdas As Not Good Enough

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