Fresh Farm Invasions Disrupting Production Across The Country

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Fresh Farm Invasions Disrupting Production Across The Country

Chaos is reigning in the agriculture sector as there are reports of fresh farm invasions in some areas across the country.

Most of the farms that are being targeted are those that are being used productively by commercial white farmers.

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent Commercial Farmers’ Union (CFU) chief executive officer Ben Purcell-Gilpin said:

Sadly, where crops and assets offer the prospect of quick gains, for instance, such as citrus, avocados, macadamias or sugar cane that are close to harvest, there has often been an incentive to gain access for a quick return by opportunists.

Such activity or attempted behaviour causes considerable disruption to production, as well as creating a very negative impression for other investors who may be considering investing in Zimbabwe.

. . . Most incidents currently affect properties which were acquired by the state, but where there are disputes over access to farms which may be new or already the subject of a long legal process that is yet to conclude.


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