Chamisa Changes Approach

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Chamisa Changes Approach

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has decided to change tact in seeking for dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, according to reports.

Chamisa is now calling for the churches to lead the dialogue while Mnangagwa is thought to be sceptical about involving the Church which he feels is funded by countries he considers to be unfriendly towards Zimbabwe.

Addressing his supporters recently, Chamisa said:

The only way forward is a comprehensive reform programme upon nation-building and peace-building to facilitate national healing and national engagement and international realignment, in order for us to deal with the crisis there must be genuine dialogue.

We have shouted our voices hoarse inviting Mnangagwa to a table of national dialogue to resolve these issues because nations are built on a foundation of dialogue, but engagement the ostrich way will not resolve our issues.

The arrogant mindset will not resolve our issues, the dog-eat-dog will not resolve our crisis, we need a credible dialogue, the churches could be a consideration, or maybe former heads of States but it must be underwritten by the international community.

This is the only answer to the cries of the people, this is the only credible answer to the rural and urban people who are suffering, we need to have a conducive environment for business, we cannot be focussing on politics all the time, the business cycle should be longer than that of politics.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa has insisted on continuing to dialogue with fringe opposition political parties, with most visible ones having pulled out of the talks.

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