Full Text: ARTUZ Demands ZUPCO Buses For Rural Areas

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Full Text: ARTUZ Demands ZUPCO Buses For Rural Areas

The prices must fall campaign is now bearing fruits. The government has extended the affordable public transport in the form of ZUPCO buses.

It will be naive for citizens to use any other form of transport given the glaring gap between ZUPCO fares and other transport operators.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, ARTUZ is concerned that the government is not deploying sufficient buses in rural communities.

Since these buses are funded from tax payer’s money all citizens should have an equal opportunity to access the ZUPCO buses.

We are happy for teachers in urban schools and we urge them to fully utilize these buses.

We urge all citizens to park their cars and avoid private transport operators and board our ZUPCO buses. Establish a ZUPCO bus station in your community and encourage your community to choose ZUPCO.

Let’s be peaceful as we wait for our turn to board the buses.

We urge private transport operators to shelve operations forthwith. It is impossible to compete with the ZUPCO buses on the market. Park your fleets and engage government for a better deal.

Going forward its NO ZUPCO NO WORK.



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