MDC Repeat Calls For Dialogue With Mnangagwa

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MDC Repeat Calls For Dialogue With Mnangagwa

The MDC has reiterated its call for dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa in light of the fast-deteriorating economy.

The government on Tuesday hiked the price of fuel after the Central Bank abandoned fuel subsidies.

The development has worsened the already dire situation with a fresh round of prices increases expected.

MDC spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, said that the government has made the country’s economy, a robber economy. Speaking to the Daily News, Mafume said:

Like we warned previously, the prices of fuel have ripple effects on the prices of everything.

We are now officially in a robber economy where people are being robbed of everything; it has affected everything, people cannot budget anymore, people can no longer afford to go to work, farmers have been hardest hit, they farmed using imports, what is worse is government is playing hard and seek with the economy.

Mafume added that the government cannot continue using the security forces to crush protests as that is unsustainable. He said:

The use of security and threats is not the way to fix the economy. If our call for dialogue is ignored and if the people continue to suffer, the people will have little option but to demonstrate.

The people managing the economy cannot continue relying on security forces to tramp on people’s rights, it is unsustainable, undemocratic and criminal and will be resisted.

Secretary for Information and Publicity, Ndavaningi Mangawana said that the laws of the country allow for peaceful protests.

However, violent protests which disrupt businesses and violate other citizens’ right will not be tolerated, warned Mangawana.

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