ED's "Monologue" Must Be Dissolved, It Won't Yield Anything

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ED's "Monologue" Must Be Dissolved, It Won't Yield Anything

Candour Nqaba Matshazi has in a NewsDay article argued that the national dialogue initiated by president Mnangagwa shall not work. 

The writer also argues that most Zimbabweans in urban areas have little to no faith in president Mnangagwa and other participants to the dialogue. The article recommends engaging in proper and meaningful dialogue. It reads:

This first step to begin real dialogue is to end this facade that is now known as the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), it is pointless and nothing more than an ego-stroking exercise.

Secondly, if it takes moving mountains to bring Chamisa to the dialogue table, then Mnangagwa has to summon all his strength and do it.

The author further recommends Mnangagwa and Chamisa to swallow their pride and find each other. The author says the marriage of convenience could drive Zimbabwe forward. The current dialogue is comprised of unequal forces hence the weaker parties are in no position to make meaning demands from president Mnangagwa. The author further describes the dialogue as a monologue.

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