Govt Tarnishing Its Own Image By Violating Human Rights

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Govt Tarnishing Its Own Image By Violating Human Rights

The government has been accused of tarnishing its own image by violating human rights. A NewsDay article observed that such actions earlier resulted in the country being ditched by the international community. 

These arrests simply serve to prove to the world out there that the present government is not very much different from that of former President Robert Mugabe. Why is our new government so eager to arrest people at the flimsiest of reasons?

It further notes that the government is blowing away an opportune moment to prove that it was from that of the former president, Robert Mugabe.

The article also urges the government to change its modus operandi as the arresting of individuals without proof that they have committed a crime is costly for the country. It gives reference to the arrest and detention of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITU)-Africa secretary-general, Kwasi Adu Amankwa. He was held incommunicado for 11 hours without charge before he was released.
NewsDay believes that such scandals can and have to be avoided by all means as they constitute a soft spot for revenue leakage. It further reads:

As recent as March this year, a High Court judge pointed out that the State should bring to court cases with concrete evidence after he had dismissed a fraud case against businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

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