"We Know Mnangagwa's Weakest Points," Chamisa

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"We Know Mnangagwa's Weakest Points," Chamisa

MDC leader, advocate Nelson Chamisa on Thursday morning that revealed his party knows President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s pressure points and was going to use those weaknesses to formulate a dialogue.

Since before the MDC congress that was held in Gweru in May, Chamisa has been threatening to demonstrate against the Mnangagwa government which he accuses of causing. However, he now intends to force the President to engage with him.

Mr Mnangagwa said he is soft as wool and that is what we will use against him to make him engage with us. We want to dialogue with him as civil people, not for political gain.

Chamisa also said that contrary to public opinion that Mnangagwa is a tough leader, he is actually an easy man surrounded by politicians who do not mean what they say. He also alleged that Mnangagwa is willing to dialogue but due to his close allies, he looks tough.

He also said that a stable economy is to Mnangagwa’s advantage. Chamisa added:

Politicians have a tendency of saying words that they don’t even mean and we are not that type of politicians but we want to bring those type of politicians to the negotiating table so they understand.

It’s in the best interest of Mr Mnangagwa that the country is stable. What does he want to leave as a legacy for the people and the coming generation? Does he want to be remembered as someone who dragged the country into a dungeon through being stubborn?


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