Suicide Cases Rise To Unprecedented Levels - ZRP

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Suicide Cases Rise To Unprecedented Levels - ZRP

The number of people who kill themselves has reached alarming levels, authorities have revealed.

In an interview with Health Times on Friday, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi disclosed that suicide cases recorded between the months of January and March 2019 in Zimbabwe have increased by 24 per cent compared to the same period last year. Said Nyathi:

In January 2018 to March 2018, the Zimbabwe Republic Police recorded a total of 94 suicide cases and out of these suicide cases, 74 were through hanging and 20 were through poisoning where the victims would take some pesticides where they would take some overdose of tablets.

So in 2019, we have recorded a total of 129 suicide cases from January to March 2019. Out of these, you will realise that 87 are for hanging, 42 for poisoning.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi added that most of these suicide cases emanate from marital problems, financial problems as well as people suffering from mental illnesses.

Some youngster kills themselves when they would have been rebuked by parents or guardians. Assistant Commissioner Nyathi explained:

And then you also have some people all because they have family problems especially youngsters, they are told not to act in a certain manner by their parents or by their guardians but at the end of the day, they feel they are being victimized. Or they are being stopped to do what they should be doing. Then they commit suicide.

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