FULL THREAD: Hopewell Chin'ono On What Needs To Be Done To Make Zimbabwe Work Again

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FULL THREAD: Hopewell Chin'ono On What Needs To Be Done To Make Zimbabwe Work Again

I am in many WhatsApp groups so I hardly read the messages. However, on the 1st leg of my journey, I went through all. Regime Apologists continue making silly arguments about needing time but they don’t say the HOW, & more importantly, the conditions we must fulfil to get $$$.

The country needs MONEY before anything else to fix the mess caused by ZANU-PF misrule! This money will not come if we don’t implement Political Reforms! You can write millions of tweets about your intention but if you don’t implement, you are as good as an old car in a junkyard.

Currently, the elites who are defending the lack of Reform movement are making money using their proximity to the State and the President! Millions are being made daily, that is why Regime Apologists & career intellectuals always jump to defend the unacceptable realities in Zim.

We have a road map for everything that needs to be done including the removal of sanctions. However, the elites prefer to have the sanctions in place as a decoy to explain the breathtaking incompetence & looting & suffering of the citizens, especially the security service guys!

We are getting to a point where a spontaneous citizen response will terribly consume both the ruling political elites & their well-known business & Regime Associates. If a country resorts to a nuclear option to fix a problem, so much will be lost in the process & unnecessarily.

This regime is so dishonest such that its surrogates go around lying that those of us who asked for it to be given a chance & are critical of its incompetence, stand accused of having wanted jobs. Something that is pathetic & can easily be dismissed with official documents!SAD

Zimbabwe doesn’t need years to turn around, those who say so are ignorant & clueless of what needs to be done & how it should be done. What Zimbabwe simply needs is an honest government that honours its commitments & respects meritocracy & the Rule of Law. No corruption! No Lies.

Currently, the government has turned to crude propaganda, embarrassingly so, bcoz it has NO story to tell. It has broken all its promises & continues to violate the laws of logic & common sense! Today we are saddled with 101 problems & we get nothing but cheap & vacuous talk!

NO electricity, NO money, NO medication, NO forex, NO clean water, NO decent salaries, NO affordable food, NO fuel, NO health care, NO jobs, NO veterinary services, NO competent & honest government, NO decent roads, NO food security, NO national resource accountability!NOTHING

The problems we face today are well known by the governing elites bcoz they authored them. Instead of resorting to puerile slick videos, they should implement what we all know will unlock the door, POLITICAL REFORMS! The President said he would do them as an election carrot!

The rest of the world will not reward the President & his goons for bad behaviour! What is wrong with professionalizing parastatals, aligning our laws to the constitution, issuing broadcast licenses, making ZEC genuinely independent of political influence, professional the army?

This President has shown the world that it wasn’t Mugabe who was the main ingredient in Zimbabwe’s total collapse, he was a mere face & spokesman of the regime & ruling system bcoz nothing much is changing, civil society is being locked up, corruption & propaganda continues.

Until the President & his outfit gives us something to cheer about, people like myself will not be intimidated into keeping quiet when the country continues to slide into an abyss & generational economic disaster. Millions don’t know what it means to earn an income, TRAGIC!

The ruling elites will continue to create lies about those that oppose their misrule, corruption, incompetence, nepotism & management. But those are 1-day stories! They will not fix the rot & they will not shield the looters when the day of reckoning appears. It always does!

The President is blowing state funds on silly dialogue Indabas. The country doesn’t need dialogue, it simply needs a government that implements what it promised, Political Reforms! Dialogue is a bribery tool for jobs that will not change the economic & political requirements!

I want to remind ZANUPF that violence & repression doesn’t pay, they only make things worse. Learn from history & not attempt to teach history a lesson! No brutal regime or dictator in the history of the Nation-State has ever outlived history, none will do. Reflect & Reform!

Finally, those that have decided to advise the President, do so with humility & not with unrestrained arrogance & hubris. You will achieve more if you listen than to become Propaganda outposts for the Regime! Nelson Chamisa is as relevant as Emmerson Mnangagwa to our politics.

One day when the history of this era is finally penned, many in our midst will be ashamed when their night turns today. There is no justification for defending a failing system unless you are benefiting from the tragic & catastrophic failures caused by CORRUPTION & THEFT!

Many have buried their loved ones for lack of medication in public hospitals, many go to sleep on empty stomachs, many have NEVER known what it means to earn a living, many have failed to send their children to school, many are simply waiting for their day to die. Zimbabwe!



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