Local Sanitary Pads Manufactures Scale Down Operations

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Local Sanitary Pads Manufactures Scale Down Operations

Because of the current economic situation, local sanitary pads manufacturers as they have started scaling down operations The Sunday Mail exclusively reported. The manufacturers sited the rising costs of raw materials as the reason why they are scaling down. Some of their raw materials are imported,

One giant in the industry, the company that produces Farai Family Products, told the publication that production had dropped by a whopping 80%.

Under normal circumstances, the company has to produce an average of seven million sanitary wear per month, but we have scaled down to less than a million per month

The company, however, said they are researching on ways to make reusable sanitary pads. This means the country is relying heavily on imported products.

The government last year however suspended import duty and VAT on imported pads a move they said will benefit underprivileged girls.  The move, however, has not stopped the price of pads from increasing as they are being sold at between $18 and $20.




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