MDC Accuses ZEC Of Ignoring ZANU PF's Electoral Misdeeds

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MDC Accuses ZEC Of Ignoring ZANU PF's Electoral Misdeeds

The opposition MDC has lamented the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)’s reluctance to create a level playing field in the holding of elections as shown recently during the Nyanga and Bikita ward by-elections.

MDC secretary for elections Jacob Mafume said that his party is going to use the courts to pile political pressure on ZEC. He said:

Zec has not implemented any of the reforms that were put down by observer missions and stakeholders after last year’s elections.

They still allow vote-buying, where food is distributed within the area of elections on voting day.

There is a letter from Health minister (Obadiah Moyo) directing that medicines be distributed in an area where there is a pending election in order to favour Zanu PF. Zec is, however, silent in all this.

… They (Zec) are determined to run elections in a way that favours Zanu PF. The State media is also still a closed space for us. We are going to use the courts and pile political pressure to correct these anomalies.

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