Government Grants Select Food & Bev Companies Forex Duty Exemption

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Government Grants Select Food & Bev Companies Forex Duty Exemption

The government of Zimbabwe has exempted forex duty on essential raw material imports for some food and beverage companies. The Statutory Instrument (170 of 2019) was gazetted on Friday, 9 August 2019.

Said part of the Statutory Instrument:

with effect from date of Gazetting the persons designated in the Second Schedule to this notice shall be allowed to import the goods with the listed commodity codes being imported entirely for use in their production process in quantities not exceeding the quantities specified against each person listed in the Second Schedule, and pay for the duty in any currency acceptable in Zimbabwe as legal tender.

The list of companies listed in the said Second Schedule:

  • Schweppes Zimbabwe
  • Medent
  • Dairibord Zimbabwe
  • Kefalos Cheese Products
  • Cairns Foods Zimbabwe
  • Peelchart
  • Associated Foods Zimbabwe
  • Kershelmar Dairies
  • Dendairy
  • Alpha and Omega
  • Machiareer Investments
  • Lobels Biscuits
  • African Distillers

You can download the Statutory Instrument here.



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