"Nothing Comes Easy" - Kirsty Coventry

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"Nothing Comes Easy" - Kirsty Coventry

Youth, Sports Arts and Recreation Minister Kirsty Coventry, has urged athletes at the recently ended National Youth and Paralympic Games ended in Gweru that they needed to put Zimbabwe first for them to achieve more.

The former World Swimming record holder added that athletes also needed to work harder for the attainment of their goals and objectives. Speaking on Saturday in Gweru, Coventry said:

I became a gold medalist at the Olympics because I put the national flag first before anything. I’m hoping that there are going to be future Olympians from this team.

Nothing comes easy. I was nine years old when I said I wanted to win gold for Zimbabwe and my dad looked down at me smiling and saying do you know how many medals you need to be there? And 12 years later that’s when I won my first gold medal and I must say it was not easy.

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