There Are More Questions Than Answers On Command Agriculture - Magaisa {Full Thread}

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There Are More Questions Than Answers On Command Agriculture - Magaisa {Full Thread}

I’ve read a Ministry of Finance statement on Command Agriculture and it’s as clear as mud. One question asks: “How much of the inputs did Sakunda supply from 2016?” It says: “The contractor has discharged their obligations under the scheme” It’s evasive, vague and embarrassing.

Another question: How much do farmers still owe the government in the past three seasons?” The answer is: “Work is currently underway to verify and validate every single farmer’s obligations under the programme.”

So many words employed to say “we don’t know”. Creditor is clueless

Is it writing off debts? “Government has not written off any debts to farmers and does not intend to do so. All farmers are expected to honour their obligations under the programme in full, even after the programme has been wound up.” Fat chance of that happening!

Asked how many of the beneficiaries have paid back and how much, the government says “Records for the two seasons are still being updated but so far over $180.3 million has been collected” Out of $1 billion which they say was disbursed, that’s less than 20% recovery rate.

On whether it has stopped Command Agriculture, the response is woolly and evasive. It says banks will provide loans on a commercial basis but (and that’s the catch) government stand as guarantor. It’s still Command Agriculture in disguise as the guarantees will be called.

In conclusion, while the intention was to clear the air, perhaps in response to the damning IMF Report, it succeeds in adding more fog over the toxic matter of Command Agriculture. It avoids plain questions. It’s evasive and vague, leaving more questions than clarity.



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