ZANU PF Factionalism: Plot To Oust Mnangagwa Thickens

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ZANU PF Factionalism: Plot To Oust Mnangagwa Thickens

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he was aware of a plot by purportedly Generation 40 (G40) remnants in ZANU PF to oust him from power likening G40 presence in the party to “hunting with dogs that are not ours.”

Addressing the party’s Youth League Assembly in Harare on Thursday, Mnangagwa urged the youths to identify and “flush out” every member who was deemed G40.

Speaking at the same event, the Youth League boss, Pupurai Togarepi said everyone who does not believe in Mnangagwa’s vision must just leave the party. He said:

We are hunting with dogs that are not ours. They are busy making their own political names. We have some in government and the party who are now concentrating on building their own power bases and their corrupt deals.

They become angry when we name and shame them because they do not respect that you are the leader. They sit with MPs plotting against your vision.

It is alleged that the ZANU PF bigwigs who are behind the plot to oust Mnangagwa have resorted to sabotaging him so that the public views him as a failure.

The Youth League has identified the party’s Secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu as one of those who have been sabotaging the president by engaging in underhand dealings.

It is also alleged that Mnangagwa has since his rise to power in 2017 forgotten the “kingmakers” who now feel disrespected and would like to replace him with someone they can control.

Meanwhile, there are reports which claim that there is factionalism in the ruling ZANU PF with Mnangagwa’s deputy, Constantino Chiwenga allegedly leading a group that seeks to oust the president.

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