G40 Plots To Capture The Hearts Of Zimbabwean Youths

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G40 Plots To Capture The Hearts Of Zimbabwean Youths

A group of disgruntled former and current ZANU PF members who, for many years were aligned to the late former President Robert Mugabe, is reportedly plotting a sensational comeback from the political wilderness.

The group, going by the moniker G40, has allegedly coalesced around exiled former Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, with videos on social media calling for youths to support the former Mt Darwin legislator. A man in one of the campaign videos posted online is heard saying:

We have suffered as Zimbabweans. Nothing is happening in hospitals.

There are no doctors, no nurses and women are resorting to desperate measures to give birth.

There is a crisis in schools and I think in Zimbabwe we are lacking leadership.

As youths, the future is in our hands and we must find a leader, who has the youths at heart. Let us support Kasukuwere to take us forward.

Mugabe was forced to resign two years ago following a period of factional fights between the G40 and Team Lacoste factions which eventually sucked in the opposition MDC in Parliament.

A popular military coup sidelined Mugabe’s allies in the G40 camp, with the top leaders fleeing the country fearing for their safety.

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