What A Christmas - Zimbabweans Lament

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What A Christmas - Zimbabweans Lament

Zimbabweans across cities took their time to speak to Newsday and spoke about how they are faring before and during Christmas.

According to the Publication after speaking to Harare and Bulawayo residents, they learnt that people were gathered outside banks in search of cash towards closing times, shopping in a hyperinflation economy was also proving to be difficult as some people went on holiday without their salaries. Motorists were still queueing for fuel on Christmas eve.

People that spoke to the publication said:

We cannot say there is a festive season this Christmas because I cannot afford to buy anything. I am even struggling to buy basic commodities. Prices have been rising drastically and my salary is not tallying with the prices. I also have to be preparing and saving for school fees for my children, therefore, I am only buying few things and focusing on 2020 basic needs.

Hatina chatinacho (we have nothing). Things are not adding up. I’m only a vendor and there is no profit,

Compared to last year, this year’s sales are low. Last year around the same time, we could not be entertaining anyone because this place would be packed with last-minute customers. Business is generally low and we are not expecting to make much profit. After today, we are not looking forward to making any profit.

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