FULL THREAD: "Being Related To ED Has Never Been A Medium For Corrupt Shortcuts," - MLISWA

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FULL THREAD: "Being Related To ED Has Never Been A Medium For Corrupt Shortcuts," - MLISWA

Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa (independent) has said that he has never abused his relationship with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to win favours. We present below his twitter thread.

I have never made it a secret that @edmnangagwa is my cousin from the paternal side, Didymus Mutasa is my uncle from maternal side but politically they have never done anything to propel me. That’s the reason my politics is in Mash West where they don’t have influence

I come from Shurugwi& in my political journey have never represented the people from where I lived. I never came from Hurungwe West, my farm was in Hurungwe Central; currently I live in Borrowdale&yet represent Norton. These are areas where these relatives have no influence.

Thus politically I have made my own paths and not benefitted from any nepotism. In fact I have suffered because they feel that if they do anything for me people will think there is nepotism.

All the same don’t expect or require of me to insult them over political issues or differences because one, they are my relatives and secondly my elders. I simply critique objectively where I feel there is need. After politics there is life and we meet in other arenas.

When I meet @edmnangagwa mostly all I do is push for people who I feel have genuine concerns, where corruption is happening, where injustices have been perpetrated and the affected are being blocked from reaching him. I don’t compromise myself.

Being related to @edmnangagwa has never been a medium for corrupt shortcuts to getting anything or unfair advantage over anyone. I’m my own politician and yet still retain human values to respect him both as national leader and an elder.

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