Letters To The Editor: How ED Should Have Handled Tsenengamu, Matutu Case

3 years ago
Sun, 16 Feb 2020 03:48:03 GMT
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Letters To The Editor: How ED Should Have Handled Tsenengamu, Matutu Case

ZANU PF Youth League leaders were ousted by the ruling party for violating party code of conduct after they had named and shamed alleged cartels who are bleeding the economy. A concerned citizen had this to say:

Mr Editor, I am writing on behalf of the citizens of our beloved country Zimbabwe that we are not happy with the way the suspended Zanu Pf youth leaders was handled. The honourable president Munangagwa (Mnangagwa) if he is serious with fighting corruption for the better of the country I think he was supposed to be happy that there are culprits named who are dragging back the betterment of the economy and was supposed to take these guys close to him and find out the truth so that those named can be brought to book. But if he is the party secretary and allows the suspension then it leaves us with questions that those who have been named are working with some top hierarchy or one way the other.

We don’t want to be partisan but for the betterment of the country, we are saying those guys must be given the opportunity to explore and express themselves, name more regardless of their positions in the party or government so that Zacc can deal with these enemies of prosperity and let the country move on.

We are staying outside our country not because we want but because of the few who are making life difficult back home. We are prepared to come back anytime soon to work for our country and help it be the Zimbabwe we knew during and before 1995.

If the people’s president Chamisa is dealing with corruption in his party yet he is not leading the governance of the country why not with the Mr Munangagwa and how can he allow the suspension of those trying to help him.

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Let those guys be given their freedom of expression and the chance to explain everything so that the culprits be brought to book. Let’s create a Zimbabwe which is not an “Animal Farm” where all animals are said to be equal but some are more equal than others.
We love our Zimbabwe whether Zanu Pf or MDC but we hate corruption. Let’s learn to create equalness (equality), oneness, and be the sons and daughters of the same soil.




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