Download FULL TEXT: RBZ Monetary Policy Statement

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Download FULL TEXT: RBZ Monetary Policy Statement

The governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr John Mangudya has delivered the Monetary Policy Statement this Monday.

Among other things, Mangudya said that the central bank aims at further bringing down the inflation rate.

The Statement, according to Mangudya, “comes at a time when the main thrust of the Bank is to stabilise the economy by bringing down inflation and to stabilising it, after the initial burst of high inflation that followed from the liberalisation of the exchange rate and fiscal consolidation in 2019.” Read the statement in part:

Stabilising the negative shocks – cost of adjustment – that emanated from the economic reforms that the country went through in 2019 in its quest to right-size or rebalance the economy is necessary for rebuilding confidence within the Zimbabwean citizenry and for creating a conducive economic environment for sustainable growth.

Download the Monetary-Policy-Statement-17-February-2020




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