FULL TEXT: "Ask Jonathan Moyo," Tutani On Consequences Of Failed Coup Against ED

3 years ago
Wed, 19 Feb 2020 08:53:14 GMT
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FULL TEXT: "Ask Jonathan Moyo," Tutani On Consequences Of Failed Coup Against ED

Conway Tutani, a Zimbabwean journalist posted on his Facebook page articulating the consequences associated with trying and failing to topple President Emmerson Mnangagwa.  Below is his post in full.

Following the acquittal last week of MDC vice-chairperson Job Sikhala of unconstitutionally trying to overthrow the government, one Fadzayi Mahere could not be left out of projecting herself as even more determined than Sikhala.

But did she not see how extremely nervous Sikhala was before the verdict, smoking cigarette after cigarette?

But, of course, determination is not the monopoly of one side. Determination can be met with stronger determination from the other side. So she ought to know the implications and ramifications of what she is talking about: An all-out fight with no rules; all-out war without observing and being constrained by “niceties” like human rights.

Tweeted the over-excitable Mahere, who is only in the MDC top structures after being plucked from the political wilderness by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa after she was thoroughly defeated in the 2018 elections as an independent candidate despite her overhyped campaign when she projected herself as a cut above the rest: “We are going to take the fight to the doorstep of @edmnangagwa. We are going to overthrow him before 2023. That’s not a joke.”

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Like Jonathan Moyo, these handpicked mafikizolos always go overboard in trying to show gratitude to their rescuers from the political dustbin.

If you succeed in overthrowing somebody, no problem, you will not face any music because you will now be in charge and, instead, make those you have overthrown face the music.

But the only – but big – problem with going for the overthrowing route is that you fail, you are made answerable; you are made to face the consequences. That’s the problem with high-stakes games or zero-sum games in which each participant’s loss or gain is exactly equal to the loss or gain of the other side. It’s either total victory or total defeat – ask Jonathan Moyo who is now in self-exile after his side suffered total defeat. Is Mahere getting herself into this with her eyes wide open or she has become starry-eyed after being parachuted into the top echelons of the party by Chamisa or been over-emboldened (kuitiswa manyemwe) by Sikhala’s acquittal?

If or when Mahere fails to overthrow Mnangagwa, will she make a semantic legal defence that she did not mean to overthrow him in the physical sense like the sobered-up and fear-struck Sikhala did when prison stared him in the face? Will the court again accept such a defence or reject it as a growing pattern of deception?

Let’s hope Mahere’s threat is just a joke like her campaign for the 2018 elections.



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