"US Diplomat Bemoans 'Lack Of Social Distancing' In Zimbabwe," - Chin'ono

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"US Diplomat Bemoans 'Lack Of Social Distancing' In Zimbabwe," - Chin'ono

United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols has bemoaned the lack of social distancing in Zimbabwe even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

This was revealed by Zimbabwean journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chin’ono. He posted on microblogging site, Twitter and said:

I was chatting to the U.S. Ambassador Brian Nichols this morning.

His biggest worry is the lack of social distancing.

He feels that the Coronavirus is going to race through the kombis & the large gatherings like wildfire if the issue of social distancing is not taken seriously.

His remarks come when Zimbabwe’s health ministry officials have, like the World Health Organisation (WHO), have encouraged members of the public to avoid social gatherings as that can be a conducive environment for the spread and transmission of coronavirus.

According to authorities, Zimbabwe has two confirmed cases of the virus while those who made contact with the patients are being tracked.

Analysts say that the country is not adequately prepared t deal with the virus hence the need to intensify preventive measures.

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