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Chief Justice Malaba Then Magistrate Was Suspended For Obstructing Police

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Chief Justice Malaba Then Magistrate Was Suspended For Obstructing Police

ZimLive has reported that Chief Justice Luke Malaba, then a 32-year-old magistrate, was suspended in October 1984 by the provincial magistrate for Matabeleland, Phil Finch for obstructing police.

The publication further reports that Malaba was a regular client at unlicenced residential bars known as shebeens in Bulawayo and routinely clashed with police sent to clear the illegal joints in the early 1980s.

ZimLive says that Malaba may not be fit to hold the office of Chief Justice since he did not comply with the constitution of Zimbabwe which demands that judges must disclose issues that potentially affect their ascension to a higher office.

Officers who allegedly clashed with Malaba complained that they repeatedly clashed with Malaba who made it impossible for them to discharge their duties as he would threaten them with the fact that he was a magistrate.

The officers eventually decided to report the matter to the provincial magistrate who then suspended Malaba and subsequently transferred him to Masvingo.

Malaba became Chief Justice in March 2017 and is due to retire in 2022 when he reaches the age of 70, the top cap for judges.

He has been accused of being biased towards the ruling ZANU PF.

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