"This Is The Time For ZANU PF To Apply Maintenance Of Peace And Order," - Ruhanya

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"This Is The Time For ZANU PF To Apply Maintenance Of Peace And Order," - Ruhanya

Pedzisai Ruhanya the director of the Harare-based Zimbabwe Democracy has said that now is the right time for the Zimbabwean government to apply laws which restrict, suspend and or ban public gatherings.

His remarks come when there are reports suggesting that there are some who are not complying with the government’s directive which prohibits gatherings comprised of more than 99 people.

The ban on social gatherings is in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 14 000 people worldwide. Social gatherings are considered as one of the ways that promote the rapid spreading and or transmission of the virus. Posting on Twitter, Ruhanya said:

This is the time for ZANU PF to apply Maintenance of Peace and Order (MOPA), POSA’s successor. These instruments should not just be used for political causes but to save lives.

The government was criticised when it applied MOPA to block a number of opposition MDC demonstrations and meetings.

Back then, Zimbabwe Republic Police blocked the gatherings on the basis that they had gathered intel suggesting that the demonstrations would degenerate into chaos.

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