"Zimbabweans Must Start To Coalesce Around Ideas Not Personalities," - Churches

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"Zimbabweans Must Start To Coalesce Around Ideas Not Personalities," - Churches

Churches have said that for Zimbabwe to come out of its economic, humanitarian and political doldrums, the citizenry has to unite around ideas and not personalities who come and go.

This was said by Dr Reverend Kenneth Mtata who is the General Secretary of Zimbabwe Council of Churches and coordinator at the National Convergence Platform during an interview with Review & Mail recently.

Mtata mentioned that there are generally three ways to look at issues. He said at some point, actors will be saying that things have to be done “my way”, “your way” or our way” adding that the third way involves the need to build something completely new ‘together.’

The reverend added that Zimbabwe should shun the first and second ways of thinking and embrace the third approach which emphasises working together. He said:

We think this way is necessary in Zimbabwe because we do not always have to think in terms of the binary opposites of the existing political hegemony. We hope this will emerge as Zimbabweans start to coalesce around ideas not personalities; and around issues and not the political parties.

His views resonate with sentiments by some analysts who say that Zimbabwe lacks a common vision to guide the nation.

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