EFF-Zim Commends Government For Declaring National Lockdown {Full Text}

3 years agoMon, 30 Mar 2020 17:37:08 GMT
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EFF-Zim Commends Government For Declaring National Lockdown {Full Text}

Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe supports the Government’s decision to put the country under lockdown as this will help curb the spread of COVID-19.

We know for a fact that the virus is spread through human contact, hence the need to monitor the movement of people under these circumstances has become of paramount importance.

The virus poses a serious threat to human existence world over, therefore, the need to put the country under lockdown in order to minimise the spread thereof has become inevitable.

This so far has proven to be the best solution worldwide. EFF Zimbabwe also commends the Government’s decision to lockdown, however, we are appalled by the Government’s lack of a clear framework that will address poverty in this difficult and trying time.

It is when such events occur when we must take stock on key issues like wasted expenditure. We never know what the future holds and as EFF Zim we are competent enough to provide the much-needed people-centred fiscal discipline and framework.

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So under the EFF Zimbabwe government, there won’t be meaningless and endless trips that bear no fruit or bring no accountable benefits to the people we serve.

EFF Zimbabwe, supports the Government’s decision to lockdown, but however we are greatly concerned by the lack of strategic contingent measures of enforcing the lockdown.

The poor masses remain subjected to harsh economic conditions and this might lead to a serious revolt which may, in turn, may cause instability in the country if not urgently addressed and worsen the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lockdown comes with tragic consequences for the poor masses, for if the disease doesn’t get them, hunger will surely starve them to death. It is of the Government’s knowledge that the majority of poor citizens survive from the art of hand to mouth.

EFF Zim demands the Government uses the Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ logistical and organisational capacity to ensure the poorest masses are fed, and that those who can afford can access the resources they need and critical business can continue while maintaining the health care standards required to curb the spread of COVID -19.

This is a time for the army to be used in the best interest of the people. We also call upon the government to stop using the Army to victimise citizens during the lock-down but instead order the Army to distribute clean and safe drinking water to municipalities that have experienced water shortages for months in order to avoid long
queues at boreholes which may increase the spread of the pandemic.

Lastly, at this juncture it is wise for all opposition forces, civic organisations and citizens to demand transparency on the funds to be used to fight the pandemic.

The government is expected to be accountable and corruption-free and to ensure this, as EFF Zim we will play our part and implore others to do the same.

Vimbai Mupunga (National Spokesperson)



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