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"We always felt the Cook Off was special" - Zimbabwean Netflix TV Show Director

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"We always felt the Cook Off was special" - Zimbabwean Netflix TV Show Director

The director of Zimbabwe’s first Netflix TV show has said that they are really excited about the film and that they always felt it was special.

Cook Off is a romantic comedy featuring Tendaiishe Chitima, the main actress, TEHN Diamond and Jesesi Mungoshi. The story is about Anesu (Chitima) qualifying for a top reality TV cooking show and then finding herself out of depth.

Writer and director Tomas Lutuli Brickhill, commented on the show to GQ:

We always felt the Cook Off was something special, and wanted it to do as well as possible. But with our modest resources, we had much more humble expectations of how far we could go with the film. It’s a real testament to the hard work of the entire team that we have managed to get this far. We are really excited to bring this story – which is a Zimbabwean tale, but one that has really resonated in festival screenings across the world and to a much wider audience.

Producer, Joe Njagu expressed that their collaboration as fellow filmmakers meant everything in the success of the film:

“When we began this project, Tomas and I spoke at length about how much stronger we could be together – filmmakers in Zimbabwe have tended to work quite independently of each other, but we felt that we could do something really special by putting all our energies into one film. We look forward to more collaboration in the Zimbabwean film industry, we know that there is great talent here. No single individual can take the credit for the success, the commitment by every member of cast and crew during the whole process and often in challenging circumstances, has been really phenomenal”

Cook Off was shot on the set of an actual reality cooking TV show in Zimbabwe called Battle of the Chefs where Brickhill is also a director. Battle of Chefs is the most successful reality TV show to emerge in Zimbabwe in recent years and is produced by entrepreneur and filmmaker, Joseph Bunga.

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