"Some Feel That I Should Do What Trump Is Doing," President Mnangagwa

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"Some Feel That I Should Do What Trump Is Doing," President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has hinted on the extension of the lockdown that was initially imposed on the country in March to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

He said that the government has been evaluating recommendations, including lockdowns, that were made by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and observed that some of them could be adopted for the purposes of fighting the pandemic. He said:

I know I have so much pressure from some of you who are here and some who are not here who feel that I should do what Trump is doing. There are those who feel that we should open up. There are those who say before the pandemic people died, what is the difference?

But I think that it is critically important that where we know we can put in measures to mitigate against massive deaths in our country. We should choose to save lives than to lose them.

Although it is my policy to say production, production, production, now we must say life-saving, life-saving, and life-saving. Post-life-saving, we can go for production.

Businesses and some members of the public urge the government to ease lockdown regulations arguing that it has worsened the preexisting economic and humanitarian crisis in the country.

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