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WATCH: Munyeza Castigates Abductions Says "Haman On His Gallows"

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WATCH: Munyeza Castigates Abductions Says "Haman On His Gallows"

Pastor Shingi Munyeza who is a member of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) advising President Emerson Mnangagwa has criticised the abduction and torture of Joannah Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova last week.

Munyeza apologised to the trio in a tweet that which read as follows:


1.Sorry to the 3 ladies who were abducted last week & others who have suffered the same brutality under our watch.

2.Sorry that we have not done enough to challenge & stop the demonic system presided over by evil men and women.

3. Haman will hang on his own gallows

Haman is a Biblical character in the book of Esther Chapter 7 that hated the Jews because of Mordecai, another Jew that had refused to kneel down to show him respect after he was appointed principal minister by the king, Ahasuerus.

He built gallows for Mordecai to be hanged but the King who had read of how Mordecai had previously tipped him of a coup plot elevated Mordecai for the tip and Haman was then hanged instead.

Watch the video below for more.



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