"Chiwenga Didn't Want Mugabe Out, He Was Deceived," - Former Cabinet Minister

3 years agoSun, 26 Jul 2020 06:57:18 GMT
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"Chiwenga Didn't Want Mugabe Out, He Was Deceived," - Former Cabinet Minister

Exiled former Zimbabwean cabinet minister, Walter Mzembi has said vice president Constantino Chiwenga might not have planned the ouster of the late former president Robert Mugabe.

In a Twitter thread, Mzembi suggested that Chiwenga was deceived. Chiwenga was the army boss when Mugabe was removed from power in 2017 in a transition which many say was a military coup. Mzembi posted:

I don’t believe Chiwenga wanted Mugabe out per se, was deceived by the cunning Serpent to a point of no return. Observing his mannerisms as VP & aloofness from current mess I see a man with more Q than As, more regrets re dragging Army into this failure!

I was involved in bringing up two Security Ministers from RSA as FAM, the minutes of their meeting and the demands from then CDF Chiwenga do not reflect a burning desire to see Mugabe go. It was Mugabe himself who underplayed the crisis and the Mins flew bk

Hours later he asked if they could come back again, the situation had reached another level, but I read him the minutes of what he had said to the RSA Ministers on the phone, & we agreed to escalate issue to SADC Troika, I worked very hard with @DrTaxs

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@DrTaxs and Foreign Ministers in the Region were keen on an amicable compromise which we tabled after RG had capitulated to Impeachment threats. It would have healed the Country and taken it on a completely different thrust from where we are headed!

We persuaded RG to recall @edmnangagwa from exile, reinstate him in both Party and GVT, allow Congress to proceed and elect his Successor, and handhold him to elections in June 2018, after which he would retire. SADC, AU to guarantee this.

RG contacted @edmnangagwa in good faith asked him to come back with SADC guarantees, but Crockie had already smelt blood and the lure of office, he refused, actually wrote a refusal letter. Mugabe phoned me ” Aramba toitasei?[He rejected the offer, what do we do?] Do we appoint another VP ?”

What did he say I asked RG? ” Ati munoda kundisungirira nekatambo muhuro [He said you want to hang me]” We explored names for VP, and Chiwenga and Bonyongwe’s names came up, we settled for Chiwenga but again according to RG he refused even the President slot when RG offered.

So this is the basis of my assertion that there are more Qs than As in the mind of the General. He preferred” kuti Shumba vapinde [Mnangagwa to take power]”, how magnanimous but the Country has paid the ultimate price of misgovernance!

The Alliance for People’s Agenda, an opposition party led by Dr Nkosana Moyo weighed in saying:

What is the point of this story except for the titillating gossip of power struggle between factions? Only difference between Blair vs Brown, Cameron vs Boris is the tanks in the streets. Others do it properly. We are in a pariah state hole & keep digging with you as participant.

Jonathan Moyo also responded to Mzembi saying:
Your thread @waltermzembi sheds huge light. In #EXCELGATE I show that Chiwenga was against the Army’s ouster of Mugabe but was pushed by Mnangagwa & exZPRA Mberengwa



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