Why Zimbabweans Are Buying Airtime Online

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Why Zimbabweans Are Buying Airtime Online

A now popular habit by consumers in Zimbabwe buying their mobile airtime (or credit) on the internet. Subscribers of NetOne and Telecel especially do this because it’s the only way to use EcoCash (mobile money by Econet) to buy airtime digitally.

Here’s are some key reasons why this has become a trend

1. Avoiding going out during Coronavirus lock-down

There’s now a risk to going into the streets. Relying on street corners means mixing with other people, and also touching a recharge juice card; both potential sources of Coronavirus. It also means you may also be unlucky and get caught up with police and soldiers beating people up.

When you topup online, you are effectively distancing socially and staying away from potentially trouble

2. Buying NetOne and Telecel airtime via EcoCash

It is now possible to buy NetOne and Telecel airtime using EcoCash. Buying online offers this option which was virtually impossible before. It’s even more convenient in that the platforms allow for the same automated process

3. Zimbos have no physical cash

Physical cash is now hard to come by in Zimbabwe. Those that get it would rather use it for transport and maybe buying tomatoes pamusika. Online, one can use electronic cash in the form of EcoCash.

4. It’s cheaper online

When you buy on the streets you’re often charged an extra fee on top of the airtime value. For example, for $100 credit one can be charged $125 EcoCash, which is quite expensive. On the internet, there are no extra fees, $100 topup costs just $100.

5. No time limit

The internet doesn’t close at night! Buying on the internet is possible anytime even at 3am because it’s a fully automated process. You no longer have to wait for the next day if you happen to run out of bundles during the night.

6. Better customer care

When one buy on the internet on a site like, you get an order number so in case of any issues, you get resolutions quickly. On the streets that’s just not possible.

7. It’s now possible to buy airtime on WhatsApp

Platforms such as this one by Pindula allows Zimbabweans to buy airtime on WhatsApp securely and safely. It has become a trusted source of airtime in the country.



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