Why Is Peter Ndoro Using SABC To Talk About Zimbabwe - South Africans Ask

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Why Is Peter Ndoro Using SABC To Talk About Zimbabwe - South Africans Ask

A few South Africans have started questioning why Peter Ndoro is using SABC to talk about Zimbabwe. Peter Ndoro a Zimbabwean Broadcaster at SABC has been under fire from a few South Africans on Twitter who are advocating that he stops reporting about issues bedevilling Zimbabwe even if they are newsworthy and some saying South African journalists must work at SABC and not foreigners.

These are some of the tweets by the South Africans who are advocating for Peter Ndoro to stop talking about Zimbabwe and put South Africa first.

Mrs Mopedipedi

Why Peter Ndoro always report anything happening in Zimbabwe ?Eishhh i mean every time he open his mouth on our SABC he can’t leave without reporting the so called news in Zim.


#PeterNdoro must go anchor Zimbabwe’s State news platforms and not SA’s. We are nothing to this foreigner. How many SAns can play the role of a news anchor for a State broadcaster in another African country? That’s right, none. He must voetsek. #PeterNdoroMustVoetsek

Gogo Langwena

#PeterNdoroMustGo @peterndorogo home baba reading news is not a scarce skill @SABCNews we have so many graduates who can do the job better #PeterNdoroMustGo


How did Peter Ndoro get to be a news reader when he is so incompetent? The guy has killed Buthelezi and Ramaphosa while reading news before. #PeterNdoroMustGo

According to The Zimbabwean Mail:

South Africans want their unemployed Journalism graduates to go and replace Zimbabweans at the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC) because reading news is not a critical skill. A shadowy organization called #PutSouthAfricansFirst is organising a nationwide mass demonstration on the 29th of August to call for the mass deportation of illegal immigrants in South African and the cancelling of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit which is due for renewal in 2021. Known Zimbabweans at the station include news anchor Peter Ndoro.



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