Kasukuwere & His G40 Comrades In The Cabinet Were Hanging Very Lowly On The Skirts Of Grace Mugabe - Chinamasa

3 years ago
Wed, 23 Sep 2020 13:17:02 GMT
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Kasukuwere & His G40 Comrades In The Cabinet Were Hanging Very Lowly On The Skirts Of Grace Mugabe  - Chinamasa

Former cabinet minister and Zanu PF spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa has revealed that exiled politician and former Zanu PF politician Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and members of the now-defunct G40 used to report to former first lady Grace Mugabe on issues pertaining to cabinet decisions, New Zimbabwe reports.

Chinamasa said this while responding to Kasukuwere who he called a CIA agent who was expelled from Zanu PF in 2017. In his response, Chinamasa said:

Kasukuwere and members of the cabinet who were G40 decided to take advantage of the aging of the former president (Robert Mugabe) and were reporting directly to the former first lady in Mazowe where decisions of the cabinet could be reversed,

That is a serious onslaught on a national constitution that you have people outside who are not the president, totally usurping presidential powers to make decisions of a presidential executive nature, then you have a person who participated in that process talking about constitutionalism.

Chinamasa then took a swipe at Kasuwuwere, G40 and Grace Mugabe and said

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I think it’s in public glare that Kasukuwere and his G40 comrades in the cabinet were hanging very lowly on the skirts of the former first lady. What constitutionalism did he find there, I had not realised that he would say things that would shame him because he is not a proponent of constitutionalism.

Chinamasa said 3 years on they are still trying to right Kasukuwere’s wrongs:

Even in our party, we are still trying to correct what he did. He was hiring and firing and installing people into positions without any procedures whatsoever.

And he has the temerity to talk about constitutionalism, how many of his cronies that he put into positions and those opposed to the G40 removing them will-nilly.

So, his talk of the fact that he still thinks he is a member of Zanu PF is wishful thinking of the worst kind and it may need a psychiatrist.

This came after Kasukuwere bodily declared that he was a Zanu PF card-carrying member.

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