Pindula Debuts Skills For The 21st Century Generation Z Masterclass

2 years ago
Wed, 21 Oct 2020 18:48:30 GMT
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Pindula Debuts Skills For The 21st Century Generation Z Masterclass

Good News Pindula is bringing an exciting something something!! The Skills For The 21st Century Generation Z masterclass.

Why? You may ask, well, the Brand Pindula has evolved over the years from being the profiler of everything Zimbabwean and linked to Zimbabwe to one of Zimbabwe’s biggest news aggregator. While Pindula has served the old and young alike, there is a generation that has only managed to enjoy a portion of Pindula. Generation Z,  which comprises of people aged 25 and below have not really managed to enjoy Pindula in its totality. Teenagers and those in their early 20s may not be overly interested in the news summaries found on Pindula but they find profiles found on Pindula useful and handy.

With these statistics in mind, Pindula has decided to bring a little exciting something for that generation that might be in love with Pindula but can only enjoy a portion of it due to the nature of the services offered by Pindula.

The Skills For The 21st Century Generation Z Masterclass

You may be wondering what this is or how it will work right? Well, the Skills for the 21st Century Masterclass is a career guidance masterclass that seeks to help equip and prepare Zimbabwe’s youngsters with knowledge about the skills relevant for the 4th industrial revolution.

While it’s true that jobs are scarce these days, it’s also true that some fields are growing and recruiting massively. The masterclass will shed more light on those fields and help youngers make a decision about skills that are now relevant for the new tech era that we are in.

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How will the masterclass work?

Due to logistical issues Pindula will only have 1 WhatsApp group dedicated to the masterclass. The Masterclass will start on Thursdays from 7 PM to 7.45 or latest 8 PM. Pindula will not publish the contents of the masterclass those in the group will be the only ones who will be able to benefit from the masterclass.

The Masterclass will cater for 247 youngsters who are on the verge of starting a career, are in college, or have just finished college and are trying, by all means, to see what they can do with their lives or start a professional career.

Every week Pindula will invite interesting guests from fundis, high profile people, and or entrepreneurs to the Whatsapp group and the guests will make a short presentation about themselves and their careers first then the skills they think are relevant for the 21st century before we ask them questions.

Who should join the masterclass?

Every young person between the age of 16 and 23 should be in the group because the content to be discussed will be immensely beneficial to that demographic.

To join the group click on this link and share it with your children, cousins, and friends.



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