Govt Doubling Efforts To Complete School Calendar: ED

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Govt Doubling Efforts To Complete School Calendar: ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the government will double efforts to make sure the 2020 school calendar has been completed.

His remarks come when teachers have refused to go back to school following the reopening of schools on 28 September thereby putting schools off-track to completing the syllabi.

Schools had been prematurely closed in March after the country had registered its first coronavirus case but the government “made a deliberate effort to reopen schools” as the number of known coronavirus cases decreased. The president said:

First and foremost, therefore I want to sincerely thank all Zimbabweans for their cooperation, discipline and resilience during these unprecedented times.

Let us continue in unity and resolve to find solutions to challenges which confront us. We have now re-opened our skies to domestic and international flights and simultaneously allows tourism and other critical sectors to also reopen.

Government made a deliberate decision to re-open schools to enable our children who constitute our rich future, human resources endowment to conclude the year and progress to the grades in the coming year.

We will double efforts to ensure that syllabi are completed and examinations proceed in a safe, secure and stable environment for both teachers and learners.

Teachers’ representative organisations and other stakeholders are, however, urging the government to close schools after videos and pictures of learners engaging in mischievous deeds including smoking, sexual intercourse and fights flooded social media.



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