Madhuku Says Zimbabweans Wasted Their Votes In 2018

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Madhuku Says Zimbabweans Wasted Their Votes In 2018

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Lovemore Madhuku said Zimbabweans made a huge mistake in voting for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa in 2018 as nothing tangible has materialised since the disputed the election.

The University of Zimbabwe law lecturer said he was going to offer an alternative leadership in the 2023 elections.

Addressing NCA members in Kwekwe recently, Madhuku said neither ZANU PF nor the MDC cared about the people. He said:

People voted for Mnangagwa and Chamisa in 2018 elections. These were the main contenders in the elections since they polled more votes than any other leaders on the ballot.

Those who voted for Mnangagwa, what can they really say they voted for? The economy is now in worse shape. People are now suffering more while those who voted for Chamisa, it was a vote which has gone to waste again.

Besides giving Chamisa prestige that he gained a considerable number of votes, and inflating the vote figures and vote-rigging claims, there is nothing much he can do for the people as he is not in power. So voting for those two didn’t change the prospects of Zimbabweans.

Madhuku also urged rural folk to consider if there was any meaningful development that has been done by ZANU PF since independence in 1980 and their urban counterparts to take stock of MDC achievements since 2000.

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