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Chin'ono Justifies Approaching "Biased" Courts

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Chin'ono Justifies Approaching "Biased" Courts

Zimbabwean journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has justified the continued use of local “biased” courts which have been ruling against himself and his colleagues.

He said it is important to use the courts for the purposes of seeking redress and compensation in the future. Posting on social media, Chin’ono said:

Some people have asked why we go to courts when they continue to rule against us.

We do so because we need that record for posterity, for tomorrow when things have politically changed.

We will seek redress and compensation against those who persecute us at personal level when there is change.
Look at what happened to Sani Abacha! All these State assets that they are looting will be taken when there is change.

We need court records showing the arguments at the material time and the constitutional breaches which will be overturned.

The estates of today’s tormentors will be sued by victims of violence by the victims or the families of victims.

To do so successfully, we will need today’s court records.

He speaks amid claims by the opposition that courts, like other state institutions, are captured and compromised by the ruling ZANU PF.

Supporters of the opposition have often advised that the parties lead a revolution as they will not find justice in compromised courts.

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