Helpful Home Remedies For COVID-19 Patients - OPINION

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Helpful Home Remedies For COVID-19 Patients - OPINION

Below is the full Twitter Thread by social media personality ‘Majaira Jairosi’ on home remedies for people suffering from COVID-19.

I know most of you do not realise that I am also a Respiratory medicine specialist. Today I want to do a thread about how people could be helped to relieve the symptoms of COVID-19 Virus. Those with questions, I am offering free consultation.

Antibiotics don’t necessarily work especially in viral pneumonia-like the one which COVID-19 virus cause but if a person develops bacterial pneumonia in the presence of viral pneumonia then antibiotics are necessary.

Anti-inflammatory medication like Prednisolone or dexamethasone are proving to be effective in COVID 19 virus. The virus is causing the inflammation of the airways resulting in a person becoming breathless, hence the need to treat people with anti-inflammatory medication.

I prefer giving patients high flow oxygen than intubation because intubation is a hazardous procedure itself. With intubation, most people end up developing what we call ventilation-induced pneumonia on top of COVID 19 virus.

Home Remedies: Kunatira though not scientifically proven some people have found kunatira (nebulisation) using traditional herbs like boiled eucalyptus tree leaves (mashizha emupuranga) helpful. Eucalyptus leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.

I hear people looking for ventilators, yes they are very important for treating hypoxia in people with COVID 19 virus, but oxygen does not treat breathlessness. Bronchodilators do treat breathlessness by opening up airways that is why I’m recommending kunatira.

Kunatira is equivalent to nebulisation just as I would do when bronchodilating a patient using ipratropium or salbutamol nebulisers.

Home remedies: In addition to kunatira (Steaming or nebulisation) eat food with anti-inflammatory properties like berries, avocados, fatty fish, broccoli, Bell peppers and chilli peppers & green tea. Lemon is good but it has antibacterial properties than anti-inflammatory.

When we intubate people, we usually put the patient in prone position to improve oxygenation, so if you have COVID 19 virus I suggest that you take time to sleep on your stomach or on your side for a change. Never lie in supine position/facing upwards.

Struggling with breathlessness: use what we call pursed-lip breathing technique – breathing in through your nose & breathing out through your mouth as if you are whistling. Ndatenda.

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