COVID-19: Don’t Go Out Musabude Panze - Chisora

2 years agoSun, 17 Jan 2021 18:07:54 GMT
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COVID-19: Don’t Go Out Musabude Panze - Chisora

Zimbabwe-born British heavyweight boxer Dereck Chisora has urged Zimbabweans to take precautionary measures to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

Chisora shared a video recorded message with local journalists recently reminding the nation how deadly the coronavirus is. He said:

First of all I wanna say this to my fellow Zimbabweans; please look after yourselves, don’t go out musabude panze. It’s so difficult to stay indoors and it’s painful (because you want to fend for your families) but people are dying.

People are dying because they don’t want to listen and heed the message from the authorities. They say ‘let me go out and do what I have to do’ but in doing so you are getting yourself killed and also killing innocent people that you live together with. Please be careful Zimbabweans.

Last time I spoke about this and said this pandemic was coming and when it does it will be like a whirlwind and people are dying, vanhu vari kufa.

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I’m here in London and right now London is locked down, no one is going out. There’s nothing like going out to buy food, people are afraid and people are dying. So please protect yourselves and take care of each other because this pandemic is deadly and it’s going to be around for the next 10-15 years.

Don’t fool yourselves and think that it’s only here today and tomorrow. Try to eat healthy, steam always, drink warm and clean water and do all you can the Zimbabwean way (traditional remedies) but please stay safe my fellow Zimbabweans.

His message comes as Zimbabwe has since the third quarter of 2020 recorded a spike in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

The resurgence has prompted authorities to reimpose stricter measures including a 30-day national lockdown and strict monitoring the country’s entry points.

As of 16 January 2021, the Southern African country had recorded 26 881 coronavirus cases and 683 deaths since March last year.

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