Magaisa Challenges Komichi To Apologise To Recalled MPs, Councillors

2 years agoMon, 18 Jan 2021 14:49:27 GMT
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Magaisa Challenges Komichi To Apologise To Recalled MPs, Councillors

Alex Magaisa, a former advisor to late former Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, has challenged MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi to apologise to the MDC Alliance members of Parliament and councillors who were recalled by his party last year before calling for unity.

This comes after Komichi had asked Magaisa and another academic, Pedzisai Ruhanya to “provide solutions for Zimbabwe, not insults” and “to let the youths insult and stone throw”. Komichi had said:

Africans have to face up to the political and economic challenges of our continent. Zimbabwe is not spared at all.

We must stop stone-throwing at each other. I like Dr Ruhanya and Dr Magaisa very much. I would like to appeal to my great Doctors to provide solutions for Zimbabwe, not insults. Let the youths insult and throw stones.

In response, Magaisa reminded Komichi of how the MDC-T overturned voters’ by recalling MDC Alliance officials and replacing them with people who had been rejected in the 2018 elections. Said Magaisa:

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Senator [Morgen Komichi] my attention has been drawn to your public post [below]. We have worked together well in the past, so the respect is mutual.

However, I have to say it has been much diminished by your conduct last year when you joined in the subversion of the people’s will.

The arrogance and pleasure with which you and your chums wielded the axe against fellow MPs and councillors was a most horrendous and disagreeable sight.

A man does not urinate on the heads of people and then ask them why they are unhappy with him. It was you who threw stones first.

Therefore, Senator, with great respect, you’re not in a position to take the moral high ground as you’re trying to do; playing the humble servant when there’s utter carnage behind you.

You should look at those people – voters, MPs, councillors – in the eye and at least apologise.

When you were axing elected representatives, grabbing money due to the MDC Alliance claiming they were yours and imposing losers like Khupe into Parliament, it was you guys who were insulting not only the voters but democracy itself. You were throwing stones, Senator Komichi.

At the time, we tried to appeal to your conscience. We did. But you would hear none of it.

You were high on borrowed power. Now your fellow representatives are redundant, voters have no representation while some have charlatans that you imposed. Now you play the meek card?

I know you like to quote the scriptures, Senator. When the prodigal son left, squandered his fortune and became desperate it was not the father who went to the son, no.

It was the son who returned and apologised. He did not call his father to come to join him when he had nothing.

I don’t think the lesson is lost on you. The prodigal son does not say, “come here father, let us eat together” when he has nothing in his plate.

If you truly believe in what you say, you know where home is. Return if you wish and show respect to the people you disrespected.

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