All Tax Payers Without Valid Tax Clearance Are Deemed To Have Tax Clearance Certificates Expiring On 28 February - ZIMRA

2Β years ago
Fri, 12 Feb 2021 10:15:29 GMT
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All Tax Payers Without Valid Tax Clearance Are Deemed To Have Tax Clearance Certificates Expiring On 28 February - ZIMRA

ZIMRA has in the following notice notified all taxpayers that they should be up to date with their tax obligations. ZIMRA also took the time to address the challenges being faced by Zimbabweans in trying to get tax clearance certificates and said those without valid certificates are deemed to have tax clearance till the end of this month. Said ZIMRA in notice 11 of 2021:


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is hereby informing all registered taxpayers to fully
comply with the following in order to access ITF263:

1. Updated Tax Affairs. All registered taxpayers should be up to date with submission of
tax returns, tax payments and master data information must be up to date i.e. E-Mail
Address, Telephone Number, Bank Accounts, Industry Class.

2. Fully Fiscalised and Interfaced. For those registered for Value Added Tax (VAT), should
fully fiscalise for multi-currency with their invoice/receipts showing currency of
transaction and their devices interfaced with ZIMRA servers.

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a) Approach ZIMRA Fiscal Devices Approved Supplier listed in Public Notice Number 85 on
ZIMRA website. Please note that the devices should be configured to show:
– Transactions done in local currency ZW$
– Transactions done in foreign currency like the USD.
b) Where clients have devices that cannot be configured for multicurrency, different devices
should be configured to show either of the above requirements.

Due to the unstable performance of the e-Services platform, some taxpayers have not been able
to access their tax clearance certificates on time. ZIMRA therefore apologises for any
inconveniences caused. It is in recognition of such inconveniences that ZIMRA would like to
advise that all registered taxpayers without valid Tax Clearance Certificates (ITF263) are deemed
to have tax clearance certificates expiring 28 February 2021.

In the meantime, clients are advised to continue checking for their tax clearance certificates
online. For further enquiries, clients are advised to use the following email addresses:
1. Large Client Office (LCO) – itf263queriesdesklco@zimra.co.zw
2. Medium Clients Office (MCO) -itf263queriesdeskmco@zimra.co.zw
3. Small Clients Office (SCO) – itf263queriesdesksco@zimra.co.zw
4. Region 2 – itf263queriesdeskregion2@zimra.co.zw
5. Region 3 – itf263queriesdeskregion3@zimra.co.zw

  • Submit Tax Returns online via ZIMRA e-services http://www.efiling.zimra.co.zw or
    alternatively use email addresses as published on ZIMRA website.
  • All Tax Payments, use ZIMRA Bank Accounts on website https://www.zimra.co.zw/profile/203

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Public Notice Number 11 of 2021



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