King Mswati Alleged To Have Fled Eswatini Amid Violent Protests

3 years agoTue, 29 Jun 2021 08:04:29 GMT
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King Mswati Alleged To Have Fled Eswatini Amid Violent Protests

Social media reports claim that King Mswati III of Eswatini has fled the kingdom after pro-democracy protests turned into chaos.

There are unconfirmed reports that protesters went on the rampage and set fire to several shops in Matsapha, SABC News reported.

In a statement this Tuesday, Economic Freedom Fighters of Swaziland National (EFFSWA) Spokesperson Sphelele Nkomondze said the organisation supports the country’s youths’ demand for peaceful democratic reforms.

Pindula News is publishing the statement in full below:

EFFSWA Statement on the ongoing Revolution in Swaziland

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29 June 2021

The EFF Swaziland reiterate and still maintain its position and strategy it undertook to activate the youth to call for peaceful democratic reforms in the country, after more than 50 years of oppression under the royal family, that has been ruling by iron hand since 1973.

The reality is that it took the arrival of the EFF Swaziland that the struggle that took more than 40 years has taken a turning point and moving to a point of yielding the results our people have been waiting for.

The EFF Swaziland want to ensure Swazis, Africa and the world that the ongoing violent protests began with the fighters in Swaziland participating in a peaceful march to mark yearly 12th April 1973, where political parties were banned and the beginning of rule through absolute monarchy. Instead, we were met with violence from Royal Police.

We then received a lot of support from Members of Parliament who were calling for an elected prime minister.

EFFSWA also participated in huge number in a march to US Embassy to pledge our solidarity with the people of Palestine, which triggered and agitated the youth of other organisations to stand up and fight.

At the midst of police brutality, a sad incident took place where police murdered aspiring lawyer and student Thabani Nkomonye.

The EFF Swaziland successfully organised its members to participate in a biggest march in the country to Matsapha police station and Manzini Regional Headquarters to demand justice for Thabani under the hashtag #JusticeForThabani.

That peaceful march was violently disrupted by police firing rubber bullets, teargas and live ammunitions to protesters.

The EFF Swaziland organised again back-to-back marches on Justice for Thabani, which all the time police used force towards innocent citizens.

We worked together with students from universities, in pursue of unity among different organisations.

On the funeral of Thabani Nkomonye, police fired teargas on old people who were mourning their loved one who was killed in cold blood by the royal police.

The EFF Swaziland led from the forefront on the delivery of petitions in all constituencies successfully, which led to the royal government panicking and deploying police all over to disperse people delivering petitions through violence, citing Covid-19 and unruliness.

The youth of this country never backed down and they are defending themselves against police given an order to shoot to kill.

The EFF Swaziland condemns deployment of the army to unleash violence towards innocent citizens who are peacefully lobbying for their concerns to be heard by the government.

We call upon police and the army not to take any bogus and selfish orders that are aimed at keeping the oppressor in power.

The time has come that the security agencies position themselves and fight for their rights for freedom themselves.

We call upon all Swazis not to give up now. Victory is coming tomorrow. The fighters and ground forces must be combat ready.

As a peaceful organization we always believe in peaceful ways to sort differences with the government, but those in power always use their power and influence to unleash violence.

We will defend ourselves every time we are attacked. We call upon the international community to be in solidarity with the people of Swaziland, our lives are in danger. We request any kind of support from them now at this time more than ever.

Fighters and youth of this country, continue fighting, freedom is coming tomorrow. We will archive Political and Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime.

We say Forward to the New Republic, and subsequently to the United States of Africa, AMANDLA!!!



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