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Huge Snake Retrieved From Car In Kwekwe, Owner Flees

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Huge Snake Retrieved From Car In Kwekwe, Owner Flees

A huge snake was retrieved from a parked Toyota Wish car in Kwekwe city centre and business temporarily came to standstill, The Chronicle reports.

Rangers from Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) had to break into the car to retrieve the snake after its owner disappeared from the scene.

Reports suggest that the vehicle, which did not have number plates, was being driven by an unknown male who was accompanied by a female friend.

The driver reportedly vanished into thin air upon realizing the snake had been discovered at a car wash in the city.

One of the car washers who saw the snake is alleged to have alerted the driver about the presence of the snake in the car and the driver and his friend simply walked off and abandoned the car as people came to catch a glimpse of the snake.

The spectacle attracted a sizeable gathering and as a result, the police had to be called in to disperse the crowd which had gathered around the vehicle.

According to New Zimbabwe, a local businessman called in the National Parks personnel to attend to the snake which was gliding around inside the vehicle.

Since the owner of the car locked his vehicle before he fled from the scene, rangers from ZimParks had to break into the Toyota Wish to retrieve the snake.

One of the witnesses who saw the whole drama unfold said that he believes the snake is for ritual purposes. Said the witness:

_We suspect that this python is being used for ritual purposes. There is no way such a big snake if it was an ordinary snake will find its way into a locked vehicle worse still the driver just disappeared leaving his vehicle._

Snakes are locally associated with witchcraft, wizardry, and evil spirits.

Illegal possession of snakes is in violation of the Parks and Wildlife Act.

More: The Chronicle; NewZimbabwe



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